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  • Are You Looking For A Natural Solution To Male Sexual Dysfuntion

    neophase    With the graying of America, this problem has become so epidemic that modern medicine has invented prescription drugs (Viagra®), testosterone shots, pumps, implants and vacuum devices to help with the problem.

       Now we have good news for the millions of men trying to deal with occasional or chronic sexual difficulties. After years of research, Vigor Nutriceutical Healthcare Inc. has formulated Neophase, a safe, effective and all-natural herb combination to address male sexual dysfunction, without the side effects that often occur with Viagra®. The naturally-occurring components of Neophase act on the human hypothalamus, targeting the hyphosis , the sexual gland axis, leading to the stimulation of the endocrine system. This stimulation acts on the parasympathetic nervous system, accelerating the secretion of androgens and accelerating protein synthesis. Neophase simultaneously inhibits Phosphodiesterase type 5, then enzyme primarily responsible for ED. Research has shown that Neophase also exerts a prolonged therapeutic effect on cGMP, the catalyst for penile erection. Finally, Neophase dilates the vascular system of the penis, increasing smooth muscle relaxation and the quantity of blood engorgement of the corpus cavernosum tissues and increasing the size and hardness of the erection

       Couples can find its rewards helpful to overcome sexual obstacles and heal wounds allowing them to get back to loving each other. Now it is possible to jump-start stalled libido and inject new power into sexual performance without dangerous drugs or side effects. Remember sexuality is a vital part of life. Don't be put off by sexual difficulties. Give Neophase a try and it can help reopen a door you may have thought was permanently closed. Neophase is taken 30~40 minutes before sexual activity. Neophase can give men and women exactly what they need to experience....

       Supplement Facts Active Ingredients A proprietary blend of Ginseng, Cordiceps Sinensis, Epimdium Macanthum, Cistanche Salsa, Hairyvein Agrimony, Ba-ji-tan, Lycium Chinesis, Cuscuta Chinesis, Licorice Root, Rhodiola Creplata, Snowlotus, Chinese Angelica

    Suggested serving size: 1 capsule/700 mg, Daily value not established

       Usage Directions: * Take 1 capsule 30 to 40 minutes before sexual activity.
    * For the best result, take on an empty stomach, do not have alcoholic drinks within 4 ~5 hours after the intake.
    * Do not take within 10 hours if excessive alcohol is consumed.

    PRICE: $40.00